The ethos of recycling is often more associated with chucking your empty milk cartons, bean tins, and chip paper into the right bin and putting them out on the right day, but I love the idea of taking recycling and repurposing to a new level and doing it as cheaply as I can.

I recently moved into a new ‘possibly’ forever home and so rather than making do with things that were useful, no matter how they looked, I decided to only go for things I liked and served a long term purpose.

My new place is very very short on storage space so every item has been considered for not only how it looks, but also if I can put anything in it!

So I was on the lookout for two cupboardy things, for my sitting room to go either side of a redundant chimney breast. I thought that they should somehow look the same, but the chances of finding two identical units were unlikely.

But ever the optimist, off I set on a sourcing journey to find something that would tick the boxes.

My colour scheme is currently grey.  Ask anyone who knows me, GREY is my choice of internal colour. A good mate had already found some chest of drawers and painted them, yep….grey, and so he was on the lookout for anything that would fill the gaps so to speak, and promised he would send pictures of anything he found in the junk shops and charity shops he frequents!

And then he sent me these.

                           It really wasn’t love at first sight!

But then he explained how he could ‘chop’… CHOP?… the top of one, so my TV would still sit snugly in the gap it sits in, and the other one would stay as it was, but provide more storage and space for ‘ornaments’.

I ask you, who has ornaments these days, he’s on another planet I swear.

But all my decor is grey.  Yes, I can paint it grey he said. I must admit I was sceptical. But I have to tell you that my money-saving efforts were justified.

Both units were duly painted. The top was removed from one, and they now sit either side of my redundant fireplace, doing exactly what I wanted them to do, and looking exactly how I wanted them to look.

The finished cost which includes initial price, painting, labour, and delivery was £35 each!

So be savvy, don’t dismiss things at first site, look at the bigger picture, a pot of paint can work wonders and save you hundreds!                                             


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