Why Soy Candles Are The Healthy Option For Your Home


From aromatherapy and relaxation to help set the mood, the myriad of candles make them a trendy household item and welcome gift. As more people choose to live greener lives, many are choosing soy candles over traditional paraffin options. Read on for the three unique benefits of soy candles which make them a healthier, more environmentally-conscious choice.

1. Soy is more natural

Because they are made from vegetable wax, which is derived from soybean oil, the wax is completely biodegradable. Soy wax lacks the chemical components of paraffin wax, so they are much healthier to burn in your home, both for you, and the environment.

2. Soy wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner

The dangers of cigarette smoke have been compared to the dangers of ingesting carcinogens, and that’s just what you’re getting when you burn traditional paraffin candles.

Not only does the toxic smoke from the candle enter the lungs, but it also sticks to the walls of your home and envelops your clothing, furniture, and pets.

Soy candles burn much cleaner, release no carcinogens, and produce a very tiny amount of soot if any. This means you can burn your candles freely without worrying about damaging your health.

3. Soy candles are longer-lasting

Because it has a lower melting point, soy wax doesn’t get as hot as regular wax, and candles made from soy burn more slowly, lasting considerably longer than ones made with paraffin.

Moreover, because the wax is chemical-free, candles made from soy are bolder in colour and provide a more fragrant burn, without any nasty chemicals or toxins to block the fragrance or hue!

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